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Crucial Reasons to Donate to Nature Conservation

29 de February de 2024

1. Tropical Forest Conservation

Tropical forests are known as the lungs of the planet. Your donation is vital to protect these ecosystems rich in biodiversity and essential in the fight against climate change. By supporting their conservation, you help maintain the balance of the global climate and protect countless species.

2. Ecosystem Restoration and Conservation

Restoring damaged ecosystems is key to maintaining the resilience and productivity of our natural environments. Your contributions enable us to revive affected areas, ensuring that they continue to support wildlife and local communities.

3. Protecting Endangered Animals

With your support, we can intensify our efforts to save endangered species. This includes creating and maintaining safe habitats and promoting a more hopeful future for these creatures.

Your donations support specific conservation projects, the expansion of protected areas, and education and awareness programs. Remember, every donation, large or small, makes a big difference.

Join us in this vital mission: together, we can build a more vibrant future for our planet - your support translates into concrete action for nature!

El biocomercio podría salvar de la extinción a la rana dorada de Supatá

29 de February de 2024

Biocommerce could save the golden frog of Supatá from extinction


Ecological restoration and repopulation, keys to saving the golden frog of Supatá.


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With your support we can make a big change! We want to become your hands on conservation foundation