La Reserva Biopark have educated over a half million people!

La Reserva Biopark is Colombia’s premier wildlife preserve and biopark dedicated to educating the people of Colombia on the biodiversity of the country’s highly biodiverse ecosystems.

Why it matters?

Colombia is the most biodiverse country in the world per square kilometer. Colombia has more birds, amphibians, butterfly, and frog species than anywhere in the world. Its complex ecosystems and incredible biodiversity are under direct threats from deforestation, pollution, and complex political issues. Educating and engaging the peoples of Colombia is the world’s only hope preserving and restoring Colombia’s rich biodiversity.  La Reserva Biopark serves as Colombia’s premier experience to educate residents and visitors about the importance of its natural ecosystems and their importance for the planet.

La Reserva Biopark Foundation is a Colombian foundation registered in 2011 and have been running the themed park La Reserva Biopark since then.
This Biopark is located near Bogota and has received around half a million visitors in the last years enjoying the unique experience in Colombia of visiting several ecosystem representations of the most biodiverse country in the world per square mile. Here visitors can understand during their immersive visit, the importance of concepts like biodiversity, conservation, sustainability and animal welfare in Colombia.

This foundation has been focused in having a leading education role in Colombia about understanding and preserving their own richness in terms of natural resources while promoting a sustainable social development.
The ecological restoration project they run at their own reserve it’s been highly qualified and supported by international programs and companies for being a pioneer project in the country.

The Active Conservation Alliance wants to join on the great work this Colombian foundation does and has signed an agreement to support all the projects and operation as we believe we can have an immense impact on the Colombian environment and society through their results.

Dig Deeper

Some of the projects we are currently supporting are:


Harpy Eagle National Conservation Project: this project wants to develop the husbandry and breeding protocols for this magnificent species as key symbol of protecting the Amazon and Pacific rainforest of Colombia.


Mountain Coati Conservation Project: La Reserva Biopark Foundation has been a pioneer about managing this species and had the only ever birth at their facilities. The education component of this project has changed the way the species is perceived and therefore its conservation is underway.


Flame winged parakeet Conservation project: with the only six birds kept under professional care in the world, this endemic species from the high Andes of Colombia is desperately needing for support. La Reserva Biopark foundation is working on developing the husbandry and breeding protocols to be able to support a future restocking program for this vulnerable species and the rapidly altered mountain ecosystem where is only distributed in the world.


Ecosystem Restoration Project: This pioneer project in Colombia started in 2008 at the same time La Reserva Biopark was founded after a forest fire that destroyed hundreds of hectares of high Andean Forest. Since then, 5 hectares out of 20 have been restored to a state of biodiversity not longer found in the remnant ecosystem close to the capital city of Bogota. The importance of this restoration project is that it has included hundreds of thousands of visitors that have interact and understood the importance of performing active conservation via ecosystem restoration.

Also, we support the operation of the Themed Park that is changing the way the Colombians and international visitors understand their role on the urgent biodiversity conservation of this country.

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