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Some of the projects we are currently supporting are

La Reserva Biopark Foundation is a Colombian foundation registered in 2011 and have been running the themed park La Reserva Biopark since then.
This Biopark is located near Bogota and has received around half a million visitors in the last years enjoying the unique experience in Colombia of visiting several ecosystem representations of the most biodiverse country in the world per square mile. Here visitors can understand during their immersive visit, the importance of concepts like biodiversity, conservation, sustainability and animal welfare in Colombia.

This foundation has been focused in having a leading education role in Colombia about understanding and preserving their own richness in terms of natural resources while promoting a sustainable social development.
The ecological restoration project they run at their own reserve it’s been highly qualified and supported by international programs and companies for being a pioneer project in the country.

The Active Conservation Alliance wants to join on the great work this Colombian foundation does and has signed an agreement to support all the projects and operation as we believe we can have an immense impact on the Colombian environment and society through their results.


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With your support we can make a big change! We want to become your hands on conservation foundation